Zodiac, Inc. is an AGC certified commissioning firm. At Zodiac, we customize the green building process based on customer and project requirements. Utilizing a team-based approach, we work closely with the project's owner, architect and consultants to provide whole building commissioning and integrate design process from the conceptual stage of a project's design through construction until the facility is operational, provide verification of building operation and performance benchmarking.

Benefits of commissioning include reduced energy use,lower operating costs, reduced contractor callbacks, better building documentation, improved occupant productivity, and verification that the systems perform in accordance with the owner's project requirements. Our technical staff consists of Professional Engineers(PE), LEED Accredited Professionals(LEED AP) and Certified Commissioning Authority(CxA).

Building Commissioning
Building commissioning is the systematic process for ensuring that building systems (e.g. Air Barrier, Building Envelope, HVAC, Lighting, Heating and cooling plant, Plumbing and piping systems, Electrical and Control systems and others) are designed, built, and operate as intended. We verify that each facility’s operating, maintenance, and program support requirements are met during construction and renovation.

For projects seeking LEED certification, Zodiac provides LEED Prerequisite and LEED Enhanced Commissioning, as well as measurement and verification plan preparation and implementation to assist in achieving the full potential of a LEED certified building. Zodiac is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council(USGBC).


Retro-Commissioning(RCx) is applied to existing buildings that that have never previously been through the commissioning process. Buildings that benefit from retro-commissioning may have issues such as high utility bills, excessive levels of maintenance, or comfort control problems. Retro-commissioning provides valuable feedback on how to make a building more efficient.

Retro-commissioning relies on testing and short-term diagnostic monitoring to uncover and systematically evaluate energy and cost-saving opportunities associated with system tune-ups and other low-cost and no-cost measures. In this process, most minor and major energy consuming systems in your facility are investigated to identify operational inefficiencies.

Studies show retro-commissioning typically provides savings of 10-20% of a building’s annual energy costs.

Building Envelope Commissioning

The building envelope commissioning(BECx) process includes design reviews and construction inspections and testing. BECx helps avoid common issues in building construction including air and water infiltration, indoor air quality issues, mold growth, and energy loss. The complexity of building envelope designs, the use of new materials, and the high rate of moisture/air infiltration reported to be occurring in new buildings indicates why building envelope commissioning is an essential step in identifying and eliminating potential problems so that your building performs according to Owner's Project Requirements.

Recent Projects

  • Ammunition Supply Point Facility
  • Armed Forces Reserve Center
  • Campus buildings
  • City Hall
  • CNAF
  • Engine Shop
  • Hangar and Maintenance Shop
  • Hangar and Office
  • ICU Relocation
  • Maintenance Complex
  • Medical Center
  • Office Facility
  • Operations & Training Facility
  • Training Facility
  • Other


  • Air National Guard
  • Army National Guard
  • Construction Companies
  • Architect-Engineer
  • Energy Companies
  • Healthcare
  • Local Government
  • Navy Reserve
  • Veteran Affairs
  • Other