Zodiac is a Missouri corporation established in 2003. Zodiac, an ACG certified commissioning firm provides independent third party Building Commissioning (Cx) services to building owners, design and construction companies.  Zodiac provides whole building commissioning, building envelope commissioning, air-barrier auditing, retro-commissioning services.  Zodiac assist clients with energy modeling, energy evaluation measurement & verification, LEED sustainability credits.

At Zodiac, we customize the green building process based on customer and project requirements. Utilizing a team-based approach, we work closely with the project’s owner, architect and consultants to provide whole building commissioning and integrate design process from the conceptual stage of a project’s design through construction until the facility is operational, provide verification of building operation and performance benchmarking.


Zodiac provides Total Building Commissioning services. Zodiac has completed over 100 projects in 25 states since 2003.  Commissioning is a quality-oriented, systematic process for achieving, verifying and documenting that the performance of building systems and assemblies meets defined objectives and criteria.

Building Envelope Commissioning

We provide commissioning services for facilities with stringent moisture, air, vapor and thermal control performance requirements to help achieve a fully integrated building envelope by working collaboratively with the owner, design and construction team.


Retro Commissioning(RCx) is applied to existing buildings that have not received any previous commissioning. It is a systematic way of identifying and correcting building system problems while optimizing system performance in existing buildings. The goals of retro commissioning typically include increased comfort and productivity for occupants and operators, as well as cost savings.